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Birthdate:Dec 11
I realized that maybe the time has come for me to change this.

Dear Guest, welcome~.

My name is of no import. I'm guessing, if you're here, you don't really care that much. My friends call me several things, you can call me whatever you want because I'm used to getting called by random, never the same, nicknames. I am 19 years old, something that still boggles my ming because I AM ALMOST 20 HOW THE SHIT DID THIS HAPPEN. My primary language is Portuguese. As to where I live - I am settling in my new country, named "Fandom", after recently moving from my old one, which was called "Real Life". Unfortunantely, my brain was lost during the move somewhere along the way, so I apologize in advance.

If you are here, either you know me from Twitter or are looking for fics. You can friend me, I encourage it. I like making new friends! I'll friend you back after I see if you're, you know, REAL. And not a bot.

The things that you really care about

TV Shows: Supernatural(DeanCas SamGabe ChuckBecky GabeKali SamJess CrowleyBobby), Fringe(OliviaPeter WalterRainbows), Glee(KurtBlaine Samcedes KurtEveryone(srsly even freaking jeremiah kill me now)), Hawaii 5-0(SteveDannny ChinKono), Merlin(ArthurMerlin GwenLance GaiusUther SlashDragonLJ), Doctor Who(AmyRory TenRose ElevenRiver), Sherlock(JohnSherlock MycroftLestrade MycroftAnthea)

Movies: Star Trek Reboot(JimBones SpockUhura), Tron(SamTron FlynnAlan), Inception(ArthurEames CobbMal CobbSaito), X-Men: First Class (McFassy, CharlesErik)

Comics/Manga: Young Avengers(BillyTeddy), Hetalia(Spamano RussAme Fruk SuFin DenNor GerIta), Katekyo Hitman Reborn(X27 8059), Bleach(GrimmIchi)

Games: DUE TO UNFORTUNATE EVENTS I CAN'T PLAY ANYTHING. DDD: But I like Folklore, Assassin's Creed (EzioEveryone), KH(SoraRiku CloudLeon Zemyx HeartlessHearts), FF(Yuffentine Aurikku CloudReno CloudZack), Prince of Persia (2008) (PrincePrincess obvs)

Also at twitter and Tumblr.

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